Episode 45

The fortyfifth episode is up, a.k.a “wheels on your biceps” where we touch on news from the summer, Power BI updates, failing to clean a Surface laptop and upcoming changes to Microsoft Learning. We also cover what’s happening this fall, and the things we’ll be doing up to and at Ignite! Oh, and one more thing – we couldn’t cram all the info we wanted into 30 minutes, so it became about an hour. We’ll try to not do that again 🙂
We’ll be doing webinars in the not-so-distant future, and we’d love for you to tell us what you want the webcast to be about!

As always we gladly accept tips and criticism, as well as ideas for content for us to cover. Just tweet Alexander (@arcticdba) or Simon (@bindertech)!

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Episode 45



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